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To assess the contents of your cannabis or hemp, you no longer need technology that used to only be available in a lab because we have made it possible to buy a pocket size THC test that produces high accuracy analytics. In the food and beverage industry it has long been the custom to provide clear content descriptions. Why would consumers of cannabis or hemp have to expect any different? With our high-level cannabis test device, you can assess composition and potency with lab accuracy!

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Cannabis analyzed out of the lab with high test accuracy

The THC test machine that we offer you is called the Purpl Pro. The creators of this device were able to translate food and medicine composition technology that used to be reserved for multi-nationals in the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors to a consumer-friendly product. Consequently, the Purpl Pro is a THC test machine of quality that produces a high accuracy assessment of your cannabis or hemp. This analytical appliance may even be used as a mobile cannabis potency tester. At our company we have done everything we can to give you multiple potency assessment options. You may therefore also be interested in our brix testing equipment.

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If you are looking to assess cannabis with a high-level test of lab accuracy, then buy the Purpl Pro THC tester today! You may also want to view our cannabis oil extraction equipment. Place the product of your own choosing in your cart to complete your purchase. To elicit our help, please call to +31(0)850605458 or send an e-mail to

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