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Cannasseur Club Humidors: The Superior Choice for
Cannabis Storage

Delta 9 Analytics prides itself on being at the forefront of cannabis research and analytics. As such, we recognize the significance of the ideal storage conditions for preserving the quality and potency of cannabis. With our latest study, we delved into the nitty-gritty of cannabis storage, comparing a state-of-the-art humidor from Cannasseur Club with traditional glass jars. The results? Nothing short of remarkable 💚

From the Labs of Delta 9 Analytics: The Ultimate
Cannabis Storage Test

We began our study with a pristine high-quality flower sample. After dividing it and storing it in both the Cannasseur humidor and a clear glass jar for two weeks, we tested for 13 cannabinoids and 22 terpenes. The results are undeniably in favor of the Cannasseur humidor.

original lab report

original lab report

original lab report

Cannabis stored in the Cannasseur humidor exhibited a minuscule loss of 0.02% Terpenes over the two weeks. Compare this with the clear glass jar, which saw a staggering 20 times more terpene loss. That’s a third of the terpenes vanishing in just 14 days! And as for the cannabinoids, there was an increase of 1% in the humidor, as opposed to a decrease of 2.4% in the glass jar

Why Proper Cannabis Storage is Non-Negotiable

Cannabis is a treasure trove of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. But without proper storage, these precious compounds degrade and lose their potency. In essence, cannabis needs a controlled environment that’s dark and airtight with optimal temperature and humidity. 


Bad storage of your precious cannabis can lead to:

  • Drying out of buds, ruining the smoking experience.
  • Flavor degradation.
  • Loss of potency due to the breakdown of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Mold growth due to unregulated humidity.

Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Cannabis Storage

Factors crucial to preserving cannabis quality include:

Light: Exposing buds to UV radiation breaks down cannabinoids, which is why specialized glass, like the one used in Cannasseur Club’s humidors, is essential.

Temperature: Keeping cannabis cool, ideally between 16 – 22°C, prevents mold growth and preserves the active ingredients.

Air: While oxygen is beneficial during growth, it can degrade stored buds. Airtight storage is a must.

Humidity: An optimal range of 60-63% is key. Too low and the buds dry out, too high and you’re inviting mold.

A Tailored Cannabis Experience with Cannasseur Club Humidors:


Cannasseur Club doesn’t just stop at providing an unparalleled storage solution; they elevate the entire cannabis experience. Every Cannasseur humidor comes equipped with the industry-leading Boveda pack, ensuring your cannabis always remains at its optimal humidity level. No more guesswork or manual adjustments; the Boveda pack does the work for you


Additionally, select models of the Cannasseur humidor line come with built-in temperature and hygrometer features, enabling you to monitor both temperature and humidity levels in real-time. This means that you’re always in the know, ensuring your cannabis stays in the prime environment for preservation and potency. With Cannasseur Club, every detail counts, cementing its place as the go-to choice for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

Cannabis Longevity: The Cannasseur Way

With appropriate storage, cannabis can retain its potency and cannabinoid levels for over a year. This means that investing in proper storage like the Cannasseur Club humidor isn’t just about immediate quality – it’s about sustained excellence.

In Conclusion

Storage is more than just a place to keep your cannabis. It’s about ensuring that every time you access your stash, it’s as potent, flavorful, and fresh as the day you got it. With the Cannasseur Club humidor, available on our Delta 9 Analytics website, you’re not just choosing a storage solution – you’re choosing the gold standard in cannabis preservation.

Invest in your cannabis. Invest in Cannasseur Club.

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