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Micro HPLC for cannabis analysis

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The Micro HPLC for the analysis of cannabis and hemp is another device we offer to producers and processors of cannabis and hemp products. HPLC is an abbreviation of ‘High Performance Liquid Chromography’. This type of device has long since been a staple in the tool kit of analytical chemists. The device is used to separate, quantify and identify the contents samples and in the THC can be used to measure 13 Cannabinoids and 22 terpenes.

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The utility of a Micro HPLC for cannabis sample analysis

The Micro HPLC allows you to analyze a wide variety of cannabis products. You can put the device to use to inspect plant materials, extracts, edibles and beverages. Like with our other THC test machines, we are offering you analysis equipment that used to be confined to scientific labs and made sure you can now use them from your own location or facility. This HPLC device guarantees reliable performance for many years after your purchase and can be used without needing any prior lab experience. At Delta 9 Analytics we also offer you cannabis oil extraction equipment. Or perhaps you are interested in a mobile cannabis potency tester?   

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