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The Purpl Pro empowers both Growers and Breeders with limitless, mobile flower potency testing. Whether you are a producer, grower, or experiment with breeding new strains, you need to know that your product meets high quality demands – giving it consistent quality and potency.

For Growers

Stay ahead of your game by consistently

maintaining the quality of your product.

For Breeders

Establish the potency of new genetics fast and efficiently.

When Growing Your Best, You Test With The Best

“With quick results, reduced costs, ease of use and the capability to perform tests in the field or any commercial environment – PURPL PRO is the flower enthusiast’s best friend.”

We are proud to share the sentiments of growers, labs, dispensaries and cannabis clubs, who all agreed that the PURPL PRO helps you to:

  • Stay on top of your game by keeping your product consistent
  • Establish the potency of new offspring fast and efficiently
  • Easily select the plants with the most desirable traits in large seed hunts
  • Gain insights to optimize your growing in general


  • Perform quick tests on incoming batches to check for potency levels
  • Scan the average potency of incoming products
  • Give your customers better advice on what they are buying
  • Keep track of, and preserve the constant quality of the products
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