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Cannabis oil extraction equipment

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Delta 9 Analytics is the place for you to find your cannabis oil extraction equipment. It is a potent piece of equipment that has surprisingly small dimensions, which make it suitable for operation at the press of button. The device will use the parameters you set to create the perfect cannabis oils. The result is a pure and potent extract, which is clear of chlorophyll or unwanted traces of pigment. 

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The latest cannabis oil extraction equipment

We bring unique cannabis oil extraction equipment in the form of the Merlin 400. This machine is the world’s first oil extraction device that can be used as a home appliance. It is another technological addition to our ongoing mission of bringing innovative products to the cannabis and hemp industry. We also offer you a mobile cannabis potency tester that you will surely find useful, you can test your starting material and soon the finished product with the Purpl PRO. This amazing device allows you to submit your cannabis to a lab accurate test.

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Are you a consumer looking to create your own potent cannabis oil? Then order your Merlin 400. This is the world’s first dependable cannabis oil extraction equipment. If you are looking for extra product information, please fill in the contact form. You may also call or whatsapp us on +31(0)850605458 or send an e-mail to We will tell you all about our THC test machines.   

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