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Brix in cannabis

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A sufficient value of brix in cannabis is essential for creating potent and healthy plants. This measure gives an indication of the sugar levels than can be identified in your plants. This is relevant since higher levels of sugar stimulate the development of healthier buds, increased THC-levels, and even improved flavor.

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When it comes to testing for the potency of cannabis plants, brix is an often overlooked and yet highly influential factor. Sugar is one of the most important nutrients necessary for the proper development of any plant. Therefore, utilizing a good brix meter can tell you a lot about the quality of your cannabis plants. Amongst other accurate lab testing options at Delta 9 Analytics we offer you Brix testing equipment. This is an easy-to-use measurement tool that reliably identifies relevant sugar levels that you can use to make an estimation of the quality of photosynthesis.

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Decide on a growing strategy using the results of our Brix testing equipment

The analysis from your brix testing equipment does not only provide you with an insightful figure. Since the plants are still growing you have the possibility to manipulate the cannabis plants’ development, if the results from the Brix meter come back too low. You may for instance opt to use sugar supplements to make the necessary adjustments. Brix testing equipment should be in the lab of any ambitious cannabis grower. Just like our other specialized options, such as the Purpl Pro. Use this amazing THC test machine.

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