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The Purpl Pro THC tester

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Are you looking for a Purpl Pro THC tester? Then you have come to the right place, since we have made this revolutionary device available in our web shop for you to buy. With this device, you can analyze your own cannabis or hemp samples at any place and at any time. The Purpl Pro is a handy and pocket size analysis device that provides amazingly accurate results regarding the composition of THC produce samples.

Are you interested in the Purpl Pro THC tester?

Experience the awesome benefits of the Purpl Pro THC tester

The growing popularity of substances such as cannabis and hemp has caused an increasing demand for commercial appliances that provide accurate and transparent insight into their contents. This information is highly interesting to professionals and patients and amateur home growers alike. To fulfill the market’s wishes, the Purpl Pro THC tester was developed. Using a light exposure method, this THC test machine runs an analysis of your sample’s molecular profile and presents them in an easy way to understand results on the screen of your phone. You can buy the Purpl Pro THC tester in the web shop of Delta 9 Analytics. This is also where we sell cannabis oil extraction equipment.

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At Delta 9 Analytics we encourage you to choose the THC testing device that is the best fit to fulfill your wishes with. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that all test devices provide lab high accuracy. Please contact our company whenever you like, we would love to help you find your Purpl Pro THC Tester. To this end you may fill in the contact form, call to +31(0)850605458, or send an e-mail to   

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